Cat Deterrents for Gardens

Most gardeners will know how inconvenient and unhygienic cats can be when they make uninvited visits to your garden. Fortunately, cat deterrents for gardens allow you to prevent those unwanted visitors.

Why do people use cat deterrents for gardens?

  • Keen gardeners – there’s nothing more frustrating for keen gardeners than spending time and energy tending their gardens, only to find unwanted visitors have trampled on plants and flowers, or soiled the lawn, or flowerbeds. Cat deterrents can ensure that all your hard work isn’t ruined by unwanted cat visits.
  • Families with children – unwanted cats in your garden can be unhygienic, especially for young children who don’t understand the dangers of picking things up, or the need for regular hand washing,etc
  • Bird lovers – Many people love to watch birds visiting their gardens and go to great lengths to feed and attract them. Cats tend to frighten birds away, so you might want to use cat deterrents in order to preserve your garden as a haven for birds.
  • Cat lovers – You might have your own cat and don’t want it to mix with other cats, or your cat may not like other cats. In situations like this, you obviously don’t want to use cat deterrents for gardens that will scare your own cat, so  cat deterrent around the perimeter of your garden, such as wall spike, or fence spikes might be best.

What types of cat deterrents for gardens are available?

Some people might think that cat deterrents for gardens are cruel. But, this is not the case. In fact, we would recommend that you only use humane cat deterrents when it comes to finding ways how to keep cats out of your garden. There are different ways of deterring cats from visiting your garden, including:

Battery operated cat deterrents for gardens

Battery operated cat deterrents for gardens

  • cat deterrent spray
  • sonic cat repeller
  • hand held cat deterrents for gardens
  • wall and fence spike cat deterrents
  • electronic cat deterrents
  • automatic cat deterrents for gardens

Of course, this isn’t a full list of the different types of cat deterrents that are available. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website and the information we’ve put together on how to keep cats out of your garden, as well as the various cat deterrents for gardens that are available.


Full Range of Cat Deterrents for Gardens
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Cat scarers

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Sonic Cat Repeller

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